~ by Vaughan on July 8, 2006.

16 Responses to “jock”

  1. That is one handsome pup!

  2. Awesome Dog!

  3. nice work

  4. Well done! Catchlights even at that angle!

  5. Great dog photo!

  6. Stunning. Quite majestic.

  7. Nice photo! Makes me want to get great photos of my dog while he’s young.

  8. Nice photography

  9. nice photographs

  10. nice

  11. Awesome shot, Vaugn! Was it bright enough to avoid using a flash, or did you bounce the light in order to avoid shadows?

  12. Dude nice pic for awesome vids and some nice political discussion from a sk8ers standpoint go to

  13. Both the sharpness & composition make a captivating photo. Well done.

  14. Your dog is good-looking. Coincidentally, so is my dog. Check out my “About the Author” page to confirm the truth of this. If you’d like, we can get our dogs together. Fortunately, my dog isn’t fixed, so maybe they can produce other good-looking dogs? Think about it.

  15. What a beauty, cute pup, your pups quite the looker in the k9 world.

  16. Nice dog. Great photo. I have some pets shots on my flickr account too. I’ll look up yours.

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